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Interactive Biblical Daily Meditations

Divine Word Missionaries

The Catholic Church is missionary by nature

Support your missionaries

Our missionaries are preaching the Good News all across the globe. 

From the inner-city communities in the US to the most remote places on the six continents; we are in 63 countries, speaking hundreds of local languages. 

To be able to do God's will and answer the missionary call of our Church and  fulfill the charisma of our Founder we need prayers and support of people of good will. Looking for that support we extend our invitation to you - to become part of our missionary family.

If you can help our missionaries and our missionary work you will find the appreciation of our Priests and Brothers, and those under their pastoral care.

You are welcome to make a pledge as we rely on the support of our benefactors. If you wish to help us financially you have three options:

Make a secure credit card donation:


or, become a member of our PlannedGiving program. Using your credit card you will be able to contribute to our missionary cause on regular basis. Just indicate the amount of your contribution and how often you wish to contribute that amount and we will take care of the rest. To set up your preferences, click here
or, fill out the Mailing Info form below and indicate your pledge. In a couple of days you will receive an envelope in which you can send us your pledged donation.

I wish to pledge this amount $

Donations are U.S. tax-deductible, more info

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