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The Ten Commandments are the core of our Catholic Faith and other Christian and non-Christian religions.

After Moses and the Israelites fled the slavery of Egypt, they wandered the desert. God provided the travelers with food to eat and water to drink. After long months Moses brought his followers to the foot of a mountain called Sinai. Moses and the Israelites set up camp at the base of the mountain.

A couple of days later, the people were awaken by thunder and lightning. Thick, dark clouds hung over the mountain. The sounds of the ram's horn, were heard echoing across the desert. The earth began to tremble and shake.

Then the Israelites heard God's voice from out of the clouds. And God gave them the Ten Commandments:

The Ten Commandments

First Commandment
I am the Lord, your God, you shall not have any other God besides me
Sins - to set any creature, person or thing as an object of worship or the source of happiness, truth or moral guide.
Second Commandment
You shall not take the name of the Lord, Your God, in vain
Sins - to call upon God to bear witness to lie; to use the Lord's name out of anger; calling down evil on a person, place or thing or wishing bodily harm; blasphemy (showing contempt for God.)
Third Commandment
Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day
Sins - missing mass purposely; not keeping Holy Days of Obligation; unnecessary work on Sundays.
Fourth Commandment
Honor your father and your mother
Sins - disrespect; unkindness; disobedience, to our parents and all those placed in legitimate authority. 
Fifth Commandment
You shall not kill
Sins - murder; suicide; fighting; anger; hatred; revenge; drunkenness; reckless driving; injuring someone's soul by giving bad example.
Sixth Commandment
You shall not commit adultery
Sins - All impurity and immodesty in words, looks, and actions, whether alone or with others; masturbation; impure conversations; dirty jokes; looking at impure pictures or movies; impurities with others; undue familiarity with the opposite sex; homosexual activity. 
Seventh Commandment
You shall not steal
Sins - stealing; cheating; dishonesty; keeping what belongs to others; damaging another's property; accepting a bribe; we are also obliged to repay or restore any stolen goods or their value, when we are able.
Eighth Commandment
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
Sins - lies, harming the good name of others; rash judgment; detraction; slander (calumny); telling secrets we are bound to keep.
Ninth Commandment
You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
Sins - impure thoughts and desires.
Tenth Commandment
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor
Sins - all desires to take or to keep what belongs to others; to envy the success of others.
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