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Angel of God
Divine Word Martyrs
Bl. Stanislaus Kubista, SVD
Angel of God
Blessed Stanislaus Kubista
Fr. Stanislaus Kubista, SVD (Stanislaw Kubista) was born in 1889 in Kostuchna. Following ordination in 1927, he published newspapers for the Society of the Divine Word. When the German Army occupied Poland in 1939, the press was dismantled and all the papers confiscated. All the SVDs were arrested. On February 5, 1940, they were taken to the concentration camp in Gdansk.The camp had terrible sanitary conditions, the weather was cold, and the prisoners suffered from lack of food, hard work and inhuman treatment.
Two months later, the prisoners were taken in cattle trucks to a prison near Berlin. Fr. Kubista died at that camp April 26 in OrienburgSachsenhausen. An eyewitness reported that he had become very weak from an inflammation of the lungs and intestines. For three nights he lay on the floor in the wash-room where the guards threw all the prisoners who were near death. On April 26, 1940, the manager of the barracks entered the barracks. He stood near Fr. Kubista and said: "You have no reason to live." With one foot on the priest's chest and the other on his throat, he crushed the bones in his chest and throat and transferred the priest's body to the crematorium.
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