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Angel of God
Divine Word Martyrs
Bl. Aloysius Liguda, SVD
Angel of God
Blessed Aloysius Liguda

Fr. Aloysius Liguda was born in 1898 near Opole. He was ordained in 1927. In 1930 he entered the University of Poznan and earned a Master's Degree in Polish Philology. He wrote three books and continued to teach then was appointed rector of the SVD community in Gorna Grupa. When the Nazis arrived in 1939, the house was turned into an interment camp for priests and seminarians. On February 5, 1940 the internees were taken to a camp in Gdansk, then to Dachau. As a prisoner who spoke German, Fr. Liguda became the interpreter for the other internees, saving them from many embarrassments. On one occasion he wrote: "People may treat me as something base, but cannot make me base, Dachau can rob me of all my rights and titles; the privilege of being a son of God no one can take from me."

In 1942, when Fr. Liguda had grown weak in Dachau, one day guards transported him with the invalids from his block to the water reservoir near the camp where the prisoners were all drowned. He had said as he left his cell: "If I Fr. Aloysius lose my life, you will know full Liguda well that they have murdered a healthy man." The official report was that he and the other prisoners had died, of pneumonia.
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