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Since its founding in 1910, the Mission Mass League and our Mass Cards have been blessed by five popes: Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, John Paul II and our current Pope Benedict XVI.

Click to enroll in Mission Mass League and recieve a Mass Card

When you want to send a special message of love, or memorial card, consider giving a Divine Word Mass Card and Mission Mass League enrollment. Our Mass Card entitles persons enrolled to:
+ seven Holy Masses each day;
+ a share in all the Masses, communions, prayers, sacrifices and good works of 6,000 Divine Word missionary priests and brothers;
+ gold stamped mass card ( 13" x 8.5" )
+ our Mass Cards are appropriate for birthdays, weddings, funerals, first communions, confirmations, anniversaries and all general occasions.

Mass Cards - Enroll in Mission Mass League

Donations for perpetual enrollment mass cards are:
$30.00 for individual enrollment (one person - one certificate)
$40.00 for family enrollment (multiple names - one certificate)

You can send us your donation in the mail after you receive your mass card(s) or use your credit card.


Click to enroll in Mission Mass League and recieve a Mass Card

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"We highly recommend the Mission Mass League. It is our ardent desire and hope that it will be a source of support for the Church in her missionary work. To all who are enrolled and to those who spread the Mission Mass League I give my Apostolic Blessing."
Pope John Paul II
Vatican, 03-11-1979