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Home And Heaven

A little boy wanted to visit the place where heaven and earth meet. He could see it quite plainly from his home; it was the far-off horizon. He though that where heaven and earth came together must be a very beautiful place... and he wanted to get there. So early one morning he started to walk there.

He walked and walked but it never seemed to get any closer. It always seemed to be the same distance away. He got very tired. He had gone down into a valley where he could not see the horizon any more. Then he saw a little cottage not too far away and a lady standing in the doorway. He walked up to her and told her that he was looking for the place where heaven and earth meet.
She pointed to a house on a hill in the distance. "There it is," she said. "But hurry; it will soon be dark." So the little boy took off as fast as he could and was soon climbing the hill that led to his own home. There in the doorway stood his own mother waving him a greeting.
Then the truth occurred to him: "My own home - that is the place where heaven and earth meet."
Do you find it to be true in your home...?

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